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"It's not a question of fanbase reaction so much as writing it in the first place. Season 13 looks to be pretty plot heavy as is,and there's already plenty of complaining about not giving characters (coughRedTeamcough) their dues. Romance can eat up a lot of focus they might not have to spare, and the technical 'helmet clinking' limitations can't be dismissed either. Being fair to Miles, he said 'probably', not definitely."

He said “no” then “maybe”. I’m not coming into this like he said he would— I just am saying I hope he ultimately does decide to. I’m just a fan, and I’m just asking, not demanding. What I’m hoping for is, not for it to be the main plot or even the biggest key factor in a season, just for it to be included. Romance isn’t a neat thing that only shows up when it’s convenient, people fall in love when things are fucked up in their lives all the time. And people put romance on hold for serious things— but it’s still there for them to put on pause.

And I’m not impartial, I have ships. And one of them is very much is has nothing to do with Blue team at all. (Seriously, the amount of times Sarge refers to Grif and Simmons talks as pillow talks is to blame.) And I know there are other ships on Redside that aren’t my favs, but also have fans. Doc and Donut for instance. 

I feel like romance is a lot more than physical. So the issue of not being able to “show it” is a non-issue to me, though I can understand why it would be considered to be one by others.

A hand grasped around the upper arm, showing tension or worry or fear for someone else’s life, gruff words and a reassuring squeeze can be more romantic than any elongated kissing scene. Words not actions are more important to me in a romance. The fans can supply the kissing fanart and hand holding fanfics (or slightly more adult if that’s what floats their boats). As long as it’s canon confirmed and not “baiting-esque” are they/aren’t they wordings, I’d be happy with less traditional ways of showing serious romance in RvB

All I want the complex emotional bonds of romance. Though I understand I might never get that.

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aryashi answered your question:Romance and RvB

imo, Miles was thinking of the two types of romance RvB has done, Tragedy and Parody. Some shows are best served leaving that to the fans.

See— I think that RvB has grown with it’s initial fan base, and that those who have come into it later are older too, so they can tackle more than tragedy and parody versions of romance. I think that leaving this to the fans thus far has spawned some very creative multi-headcanon verses— but leaving it that way forever would be a terrible missed opportunity. 

The fan base seems remarkably flexible, I don’t see nearly the level of “ONE SHIP FOREVER” that starts ship wars in other fandoms. I feel like despite the multitude of different versions, the fans would accept one or two set couples, even if they don’t want to pair everyone off, and even if they aren’t the specific couples each individual might ship. 

Though I could see there being a problem if all of the characters were hetero. Considering the dialogue and context of so many different characters have led the fandom to very diverse orientations for the beloved Blood Gulch doofs.

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"TMI Tuesday: if you were stranded on a space island in the middle of the space ocean and you had to choose between space ranch and space ketchup for the rest of your space life, which space condiment would you choose?"


Space ketchup because it has a distinct lack of space mayo (spaceyo?) and though I do like ranch on my space pizza (spaceza??) I can’t imagine eating my soylent green without space ketchup. 

You sure you wouldn’t want to opt for space syrup instead?

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Romance and RvB

I can’t stop thinking about what Miles said during the livestream— about only including hilarious-parody-esque romance in RvB… and how that was the only type of romance that would fit in the show.

RvB Season 12 Finale Livestream; (1:00:00)

Barbra Dunkleman: “Has the RvB team ever discussed a romantic story line and how would you go about incorporating it into the series?”

Miles Luna: “I toyed with a few ideas this season, but ultimately we scrapped them cuz it just didn’t seem appropriate. There’s bigger issues that were going on. And I don’t know, I feel like romance between Halo characters can be really difficult to do.”

(Insert group joking about armor clinking together)

Miles (cont): “I think you’d have to be careful the way you did it. And if you did do it it’d have to be— like, it wouldn’t be serious. It’d be like—”

Chris Dike: “Caboose and the Freckle’s rifle.”

Miles: “Yes! That’s the love! I mean honestly if you’re going to do love in Red vs Blue it would have to be absurd like Caboose and the tank. Like I said, at one point I kinda doing something with this season, and then ultimately I was just like, no. So probably not but, I don’t know [shrug].”

But I feel like that’s.. all wrong. Fans don’t write shipping fics because they think it’s funny or for a laugh, it’s because its something they want from the show— and while we’ve only really focused on two, both heterosexual, couples romantically so far in the history of this show—  I think fans would be willing to see the character development take that turn for a few of the characters, or at least one or two for now. 

Tex and Church, York and Carolina— those were wonderful— and they hurt, and I for one find the more serious seasons of 9 and 10 to be my absolute favorites. And if I didn’t think there was more to the goofballs and dumbasses of Blood Gulch than jokes, I wouldn’t enjoy the series as much as I do.

I’m all for keeping a comedy focus but I really hope that Miles in the future will take the characters development forward, like he has been doing with Tucker and Wash, and even Epsilon. (Though I would like more time for Carolina this next season— I want to spend more time with current-timeline her rather than flashback Carolina. The changes in her between then and now are staggering, and I want to see them explored, BUT I DIGRESS)

I feel like romance has already been done well in RvB— right along side the drama. And since RvB has exhibited that it can do drama and romance well in previous seasons, I think that people now want it, even if it is a show that started as straight comedy.

It’s already been proven that it can be done, so please please keep doing it. Please?

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"Do you get off on being a wannabe' SJW? You act like every 16 year old girl on this website making out like "rape culture" and female oppression is a real thing. Think it'll make people like you more? Fucking wake up and stop being an advocate of political correctness gone mad."


Dear Anonymous,

Before I start responding to this, I want you to know I’m happy to discuss this with you more in a private conversation. Please feel free to message me off anonymous with further questions. I have a policy on tumblr to only answer anonymous questions publicly. Anything asked without anonymity will be answered privately (which you are welcome to share my response).

I’m not too familiar with the term “Social Justice Warrior”, but if by SJW you mean I’m an active voter who puts his name on petitions he believes in, then you are describing me. While I wouldn’t say I get off on it, nor do I consider myself a wannabe, I am proud that I fight for what I believe in.

Political correctness is defined by Merriam-Webster as “agreeing with the idea that people should be careful to not use language or behave in a way that could offend a particular group of people”. I don’t believe that opposing rape, sexual harassment, oppression, human equality, etc is advocating political correctness. Whether I am correct about that or not, I will not stop fighting for the health/safety/rights of all people (no matter the gender, race, culture, etc).

In case I missed anything, I’ll answer all your questions/comments more bluntly:

1. Do you get off on being a wannabe’ SJW?


2. You act like every 16 year old girl on this website making out like “rape culture” and female oppression is a real thing.

-It is a real thing and I’ll take this as a compliment.

3. Think it’ll make people like you more?

-Probably not.

4. Fucking wake up and stop being an advocate of political correctness gone mad.

-I am awake and I will not stop advocating for what I believe in.


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Snow White twist where Snow White is played by a dark-skinned woman with snow white hair

  • another twist: the story focuses on beauty in the context of racial prejudice 
  • the stepmother is white and known as the ‘fairest of them all’ but then this girl with dark skin grows to be more beautiful than her and she doesn’t understand and she doesn’t like it and she is threatened by it
  • you can see where this is going

i’m all for racial diversity in media representation

but in the brothers grimm recollection shes called snow white because of how fair her skin is…

skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, hair as black as ebony

i’m aware of that thanks….. this is a re-imagined version of that with better representation and also saying nope to idea that fair = more beautiful

"ur idea is kewl but let’s white people tho"

Also the Brothers Grimm are fucking known for taking fairytales and folklore from places they traveled and being the first to publish it. They don’t own Snow White anymore than they “own” Cinderella.

I’m sick of seeing people shut down variations of fairytales because it conflicts with the “Grimm” retelling. Those douche-nozzles took folklore and stories from all over, that had narratives with young women triumphing over evil, and then turned every girl into a “Damsel in Distress”, and every woman into an evil seductress.

And lets be clear here, saying “I’m all for racial diversity in media representation, but” is not a get out of jail free card for you to stomp all over an idea that would bring more diversity to media. 

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AHWU #233—

Adorable fucking dorks. Adorable!

"Charon would have no reason to keep any freelancers alive because they would pose an active threat to it, as they... were against Charon & company. The only exception to this is CT, because she was a traitor & also she died in a Charon-controlled area. i feel like they wouldn't have mentioned cryogenics if they weren't going to come into play, so while bringing other freelancers back isn't going to happen, I feel like Connie is a possibility? She did get the least appreciation."


Yknow. Call it what you will…but he kept the armor and technology. Kept Director’s assistant for all intents and purposes.

Did he keep the person who knew the Freelancers decently and helped Recover them before? 
Man itd be SO OUT THERE for her to come back. Right?


:cries: please… please… :whisper: Nearly any of them coming back would make me so estatic

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Celebrating another milestone with another giveaway!

There will be three winners, and the prizes are as follows:

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  • If you want a physical prize, you must be willing to provide me with your name and address (obviously).
  • Winners must respond within 24 hours of being notified (through a few asks) or I will move on to the next winner

This giveaway will end when it hits 1,000 notes OR on October 11th (whichever comes first)

Good luck!

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pyra-mugetsu forgot the most important part of Gavriel’s uniblade garage, Gavriel himself!

I feel like Knox needs this in the break room at Wesshire General


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The number 3 is color orange and January is moody, according to synesthetes. They are blessed with the natural ability, thought to be passed on by genes, of a blending of senses, in which the brain’s sensory centers remain connected on two levels.


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It’s been a few days. But I’m still irked.

Got a peer review for my group project. One of the comments was “has strong feminist views and makes them known”.

Was told that I should probably keep those to myself. Since I’ll make more enemies than friends that way. I wish I thought better on my feet. I wish I would have asked why wanting female / poc / all genders / orientations to be represented and treated well by game devs would make people into my enemies.

The instructor is my absolute favorite one. But it was more than slightly depressing to hear him say that equality has been reached because male and female characters have the same stats, that they’re just empty brushes to put the paint on.

I wish I had more time to explain, but it was class time. 

It’s more depressing that one of my teammates (at least one) put that down as a negative about me. 

Especially considering how the only thing I can remember bringing up was wanting to have a non-binary protag and bikini armor. Which— aren’t even really the most controversial things I could be talking about.

But.. I’m not really surprised.


Urgent new video: Sam Pepper Exposed

Here are the disturbing unheard stories happening behind closed doors, other YouTube offenders to watch out for, and what we can do about it.

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