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these are so fucking great

Ok I wasn’t going to say anything but hours later this is still bothering so RANT TIME LET’S GO.

The “only assholes bully cis people” is the one getting to me the worst. Look at that scary dude with the baseball bat. You know who has to fear people with baseball bats? TRANS FOLK. They face higher amounts of violence than cis people in every conceivable setting. 1/5th of trans people who have interacted with the police were harassed or assaulted by them. 19% experienced domestic violence as a result of their gender identity. 7% were physically assaulted at work - those who HAD work, because 14% are unemployed, making the trans unemployment rate twice as high as the national average. 8% of trans people have been assaulted in public places such as doctor’s offices or retail locations. 

And those statistics are ONLY COUNTING PHYSICAL VIOLENCE. If we’re including other kinds of “bullying” like verbal harassment, sexual harassment or assault, harassment by teachers or other authority figures, or denial of services, 63% of trans people have experienced serious harassment, discrimination or violence.

When you fret about people saying mean things to cis people on the internet, you’re putting up a straw man argument that takes attention away from the VERY REAL VIOLENCE that trans people face by making it equivalent to a bitchy anon message.

The reason people get so angry at cis people is because of there are trans people facing violence in EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR LIVES and no one is doing a damn thing about it, but say something mean to a cis person and all of a sudden there’s hand-wringing and cutesy pastel graphics with a scary threatening-looking dude DIRECTED AT TRANS PEOPLE, as if they did not face enough violence already.

Argh sorry this is not articulate but I’m MAD ABOUT IT.

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People who whine about “cisphobia” are some of the most ridiculous people, I swear. And it’s because of all of the reasons above.

When in the history of ever has someone been beaten up, raped, had a job denied to them, lost a job, or murdered because they were cis? That’s right, never.

People really confuse the words “phobia” with people being “mean” to them.  And in this context that meaness is not tolerating when cis people say and do grimy prejudiced things  and get called out on it.

People calling you out from being transphobic does not equate cis phobia.

Someone actually took time out to draw this ….
God forbid the people who are accepted as normal and have privilege feel slightly uncomfortable sometimes .

Real talk tho , I went to the artists page and he said he doesn’t think you can have humor without it being offensive but then gets butthurt when trans people and feminists crack jokes on men and cis folk when they’re trying to release some legit oppression steam.


There’s nothing more I can say about the transphobic messages these images are sending that hasn’t already been put more eloquently, but I was wondering if anyone else was also looking disapprovingly at the first one? “Different but Equal” That rings in my ears like “separate but equal”. And I take issue with that message as well as the  ” stop cisphobia ” stupidity.

Gender differences are contrivances of gender role and what it’s done to societal expectations for people as they grow up. Whatever gender identify with, you can be just as masculine as the ‘toughest alpha male’ or just as feminine as the ‘fabulous frilly female’ and that doesn’t make you less or more of whatever you identify as. If you’re saying screw gender roles—- why would you perpetuate a message that genders are different?  Relatively small compared to the problems brought up by the “oh how oppressed cis people are” image, but still worth noting.

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#black widow has the exact same powers and ten times the skill #intellect #morality #complexity #and she’s also got something batman’s never had: #my interest

Also, Black Widow accomplished all of it without being a billionaire.

And without being a moody-ass shit.

And she has a wonderfully awesome arc where she’s been on both sides of the law, and has a road of redemption ahead of herself. Where as Batman always feels a bit flat to me. Sure there’s some depth, but it’s like when you fit into just one alignment category super well— Lawful Good (Superman), or Chaotic Good (Batman) — I just.. have  harder time getting invested. It’s more realistic to me for someone to be generally Chaotic Neutral (which is kinda where I feel Black Widow falls in the alignment chart.)



White people destroyed 3/4s of the world for spices and have the nerve not to season their food.

Yes I have nerve to not enjoy spices because my ancestors were shitheads.

I think the point is more, if they were going to destroy countries to get it, couldn’t they have least used it. And if they had, it would have become a norm in their dishes, which mean white people would still eat it today, which in a stereotypical sense, isn’t the norm or usual.

Like, when I went to England—- fantastic places, beautiful buildings, nice people, but— it was some of the most bland food I’ve ever tasted in my life— and this is coming from someone who usually only adds salt and very rarely pepper.

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That feeling you get when you’re creating something and you’re starting to become hopeful?  When something’s potential is exciting?

I guess the word would be promising, it could be extremely thought provoking or fun or engaging or anything really. 

It could be any or all of those things, if I don’t fuck this up. But I don’t have high hopes when it comes to me not screwing something up.



you can preach about slut-shaming all you want, but you can’t deny there’s something very wrong with 13 and 14-year old girls going out in skirts and dresses so short they barely cover their asses and shirts with necklines so low they show off cleave they haven’t got yet, drinking and even smoking and hooking up with guys before they even have a substantial knowledge of how sex and sexual relationships work.


There is something wrong with that. But slut-shaming is blaming the girl, when she’s just doing what society has taught her is the only thing she’s good for and capable of. 

And while this is a important topic to discuss, and it is a huge issue. I hope no one loses sights on the fact that this sort of thinking leads to these sorts of labels on women they are older and can decide on when they want to drink, or smoke or have sex with someone.

I’d also like to point out, that a huge reason why teens and young adults in general don’t have a knowledge of how sex and sexual relationships work is because they’re not taught about them.

If someone is labeling 13 and 14 year old girls as sluts because they’re doing stuff that’s bad for them, acting when they don’t know any better. I can let you know right now, they are a fucking creep. If someone is so caught up in blaming the girl, and policing the girl— that they don’t step back and look at the person who agreed to have sex with her, or convinced her to have sex with them, who is older and has more knowledge of those sorts of situations— Or even the adults and other influences in her life that haven’t helped her to understand these things.

That person is disgusting.

I don’t care if someone’s standing naked in front of that person and they’re turned on. If they’re under age and you’re legal, you’re a disgusting pedophile and you’re taking advantage of a child. And I’m far more concerned about policing, labeling and punishing them.

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>common core
>over complicating simple things
>being misleading and sneaking in your politics
>wondering why american education is shit

Common Core also has data mining

Schools have already added Iris scanners for students to use, and also tracking ID cards students have to keep on them. As well as knowing what your religion is, what political views you have, are you gay and other very personal irrelevant information and other intrusive questions. It also inserts political views and ideologies into test and assignment questions and word problems. Global warming, presidential executives orders, rewording and changing the meaning to things like amendments in the constitution. It leaves the bureaucrats in Washington and the federal government in total control to dictate how what gets taught in schools on an unproven experimental program that comes with a hefty price tag for its uniform standard cookie cutter one size fits all approach to education, killing teacher flexibility and specialized education for individual students. Because common core is for primary school, once you enter high school, the learning curve will be steeper than it ever was before when you have to forgot common core, and do things the old way that is still used in high school, that you would have learned in primary school to begin with before common cores creation.

Initially common core was touted as being this super effective form of teaching that proved highly successful over seas, but they had to recant those claims when people here began to review it and research the claims. Then the federal government said they would not give federal funding to states that did not accept common core, forcing them to accept it if they wanted funding.

If you do not know why one of the pics is considered bad, let me know and I will explain.

I know mothers who are pulling their kids out of school right and left and looking for ways to home-school them because of ^THIS BULLSHIT. 

Pardon my French.

But this is bullshit.

logicd, I’m feeling incredibly dumb— but  the monster one and the make 10 subtract that has the 14 - 8 thing on it—

The thing that is wrong with those is that— well, like I’m 22 years old looking at it and I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with the crossword looking shit on the side— or which multiple choice answer I’m supposed to be choosing?

It’s that they’re completely ass-backwards and counter-intuitive to teaching a clear lesson right?








REBLOG: go to your blog and click the egg to see what hatches


I got Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic the fucking Hedgehog.

Maybe I cracked the egg too fast.

I got Isabelle from animal crossing :o

I got Rogue Titan gettin’ krunk. I was not disappointed.



Last time I saw this. it was a screamer. So, I’m not clicking this. And I’m just warning others to proceed with caution if they see these eggs in the future.



Perms are out.. Natural is in.


artist creds??

First drawing: http://indulgy.com/MCalderon/Artistic—drawings/from/93280248807

Second drawing: http://yasemins.deviantart.com/art/afro-hair-rullaz-49939031

For the third one I couldn’t find the individual artist who drew the picture, but it’s of Erykah Badu, and is on her website. http://erykah-badu.com/interact/wallpapers.html

Fourth drawing: Here’s a link to the tumblr listed on the art.

The fifth and sixth drawings are victims to pinterest’s almost all encompassing lack of sourcing anything what so ever. I can’t find a source for it— no one on the first three pages of google search had linked to the proper artist.

Seventh drawing: http://thomaspitilli.com/

Eighth drawing: http://www.ashthepainter.com/

Ninth drawing I also couldn’t find any sources except for pinterest and people using it probably without permission from the artist for their web articles, I make that assumption because none of those articles source the art either.

I can’t stand unsourced art, so here you go. Seriously, if you think it’s pretty enough to reblog, and it doesn’t have the source, take the time to throw a source on it before you reblog. To look up nine drawings it took me maybe, maybe 20 minutes. Imagine how short it would be if you were just looking up one. 

If it’s pretty enough to share, you think highly enough of the artist that you should give them your respect and look them up, make sure they get the audience they deserve for their gorgeous pieces.





Imagine if we lived in a world where you could see the exact date when everyone is going to die except for yourself

And then one day people start acting nice to you. Like, really nice.


I did

you should read the story

luckykrelle, zomblequeen, graveheist

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Um. So I just watched— out of order, The Lion and the Rose, and then Rains of Castamere.. Fuck that. Fuck all that shit. Fuck all that noise. No.

This is flogging your audience. This is just pain.

This is just wrong.

Evil Santa you’ve gone too far.

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Someone save me from my boredom!

also http://weavesilk.com/

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Think about this shit.

fact checked this on forbes (cause tumblr does lie quite a bit, I’ve grown wary of mass posts) and it is in fact true.

I hate both parties— quiet honestly, I think the whole damn thing needs a hard reset and to have the rules rewritten. Government Edition 2014, not this patching bullshit. But this appears to be true— but Democrats aren’t quiet on the right side of this shit. (For transparency about me, I usually vote democrat, and by usually, I mean have never had a reason not to yet.)

It seems that some articles feel Democrats aren’t hyped to vote for congress this year— so they’re using this because they know it will rally female voters, and that the Republicans were going to block this shit, which means a good portion of the population would be pissed off about it, and more inclined to vote. This seems underhanded, at least that’s how a lot of articles are displaying it. But— I have no problem with them using this to up support for themselves— IF. And only if they live up to these expectations once they’re the ones in charge. If they’re suddenly the house majority— and they’re not doing any of this shit that they said they couldn’t because the other party blocked them?

I’m going to move to a different country. Well. Maybe, it depends on if I can get a job once I graduate, and if anything is done about student loans. But I sure as hell don’t love living in this country right now.

Politico (Source)

Forbes (Source)

RPing Cass and Abbie together is like RP Prozac— a good way to unwind after a sucky ass week.

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I made a comment on Veet’s facebook page about their shitty ad, so they deleted my comments and blocked me from typing anything on their page! Such a fannnnntastic company.