I’ve been working on this since 4 and now it’s all gone. So many hours of work. Why did I even try


My computer is freaking out and it won’t let me open anything— but it’s a school computer so if I shut it down to try and get things working again it’ll delete everything on it— and I can’t take it off onto a flash drive because it won’t open any folders— and I’ve been working on this for hours and now I just wanna cry.



Better get my shit packed for Hogwarts the train leaves tomorrow



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Can you check messsages on the android version of tumblr?

Yes, click the person on the top of the dashboard, between the search and lightening bolt icons. Then click the blog you want to check messages on, then click the person+list icon on the top right, then hit messages!


Does this include fanmail and asks, because I didn’t know I could see those on my mobile.

It does indeed :D

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Can you check messsages on the android version of tumblr?

Yes, click the person on the top of the dashboard, between the search and lightening bolt icons. Then click the blog you want to check messages on, then click the person+list icon on the top right, then hit messages!

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I’ve been very sick for the past couple weeks, so I’ve been watching lots of mahou shoujos in attempt to lift my spirits. RWBY is the stupidiest and the greatest show ever (and Jaune is such a dumbass, oh god)

OH MY GOD. The last one— It made me laugh out loud for like three solid minutes. Pyrrha’s  secret turn on is clumsy doofy guys. So she never gets hit on by guys she is attracted to, because they don’t think they have a shot with her. 

And the over confident dudebros don’t hit on her because they’re not secure enough with their own fighting prowess… so no one hits on Pyrrha and she’s really lonely…

I started laughing but then I just made myself sad… bye..

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and dont even get me started on how RT made a character based on Joan of Arc, an absolutely fucking astounding young woman who accomplished so fucking much that she’s hailed not only a heroine but a fucking Roman Catholic saint

into a dude

who doesnt respect women

thats literally what they did 

They also turned Achilles into a woman.

And Thor into a woman.

And Mulan into a man. 

Because that’s the theme of the team. Cross-dressing heroes and heroines.

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I understand what you’ve said even though I disagree with a lot of it.
I will say that you bring up an excellent point: the only aspect in which RWBY characters are emulating the sources for their inspiration is visually. Which does it make it somewhat unfair to criticize Jaune for being such a little fuckboy about women on the show, when Weiss/Snow White would probably kick a rat if she saw one, rather than enlist its help in domestic chores.

That said, I have no reason to be patient or to have trust in the writers to follow yet another Jaune Arc Arc through with finesse and grace. They have already demonstrated their inability to write a compelling story for the character, and even if this one centers around Pyrrha, he’s being given far too much screentime for me NOT to be wary.

This show should be about the main cast. I was promised four girls, four girls that we were given trailers for, that the cast cosplayed for, that the show is NAMED for. So far, Jaune has received the same, if not more, development than Blake, the ONLY character on Team RWBY they’ve bothered to extrapolate on at all.

I’m not going to be patient or trusting when they are visibly veering in the wrong directions, and as a woman, I am not going to be comfortable with a storyline that revolves around a man borderline harassing a woman. FNDM and I will continue to talk about irresponsible writing, because its fruits are center-stage in the show, right now.

And as a viewer, I am not going to be content with another deviation from the protagonists I watch for.

Oh, no, by all means, continue criticizing. They keep up with the fandom. They listen. They know. Let ‘em know, let ‘em integrate it, and stay wary, you’re welcome to it; and yes, I do think there wasn’t quite enough focus on Pyrrha. I would have liked to see a scene with her after the sparring match, being congratulated by Jaune or greeting him, reacting with an “it was nothing” or whatever, and I feel a little robbed. :( MORE PYRRHA FOCUS.

And also more RWBY focus, yes, agreed. I’m bored with Jaune…he had his development.

I really really do hope that when Jaune does grow past this, it is shown without a shadow of a doubt how bad his past behavior has been. It’s not as important for people who know what he’s doing is bad, but I’ve shared this show with my younger sister, younger girl cousins and my little brother, and I would love for a show that is friendly to them to point blank call out Jaune for this shitty behavior. Since this continuing to not take no for an answer perpetuates the whole ‘just keep trying and eventually you’ll “earn” her interest like it’s on some sort of point scale. 

I’ll also be interested in how Neptune’s behavior with women is handled— we’ve seen that he’s a flirt at least, with him flirting with Weiss, woah-ing Yang, and eyebrow waggling at the twins. 

And as you pointed out before Swan, Sun seems to have taken no for an answer, but I’ll be curious to see if he’ll be taking a second chance at it. (Which to be fair, his situation with Blake is different than Jaune’s and Weiss’s, he received a “I don’t have time for that nonsense”, not a “no I’m not interested in you.”) I hope the differences in situation are highlighted if Sun asks again and receives a positive response.

Though, for all I can get worried sometime, RWBY as it stands has already benefited my little cousins and little brother. One of my cousins hates everything described as ‘girly’, so when I showed her the trailers, where Weiss and Ruby were kicking butt in combat skirts— her mind was blown. She said to me at the beginning of them that they couldn’t fight— they were in dresses.

So— while I agree with the fact that Jaune has been too big of a focus so far, and I really want a few arcs about the main four before we do anymore arcs about the side characters, (and as wonderful as they are JNPR are side characters) I’m still extremely hopeful. 

/crosses fingers

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Last night was too stressful to edit the thing. But today I will edit the thing. And then I will post the thing…. it will be done… /flops on the floor


Hello Friends! If you have anything:

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Anime in general

on your blog please re-blog this and I will follow you because I feel like my blog is not getting enough of these things on it recently. Thank youuu!  :3

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I have done the thing. Now I need to edit the thing. Then I will post the thing. I hope it will be done tonight and that it won’t be totally stupid…

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I totally did that www.gifyoutube with the url of the video you want thingy… its real OMG. this is literally the greatest.

Brought to you by www.gifyoutube.com!

I should do the thing right now… /hypes self

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There’s a thing I wanna do… It’ll probably turn out stupid— but I really wanna do it. Should I do the thing?

I have made the preparations. I drew a thing, I updated a thing, I planned a thing. I am almost ready to do THE thing.

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Chekhov’s gun: if it’s not essential, don’t include it in the story.

Foreshadowing isn’t unnecessary though? I like it when it puts it into your head early on. In a way that doesn’t feel essential. Though it is- when you’re establishing why the characters are there so late.

No - what OP is saying is that they wouldn’t include it without a reason. This show is too tightly written for a detail like this being dropped without it happening.

Which means that either Iwatobi or Samezuka’s team is probably gonna dive before the touch.

Oh— I guess I’ve been way too touchy lately, lots of my favorites have been getting picked at for no reason by people and I thought they were picking at Frees! pacing by adding this…

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